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Mentions Version 135

I solved problems and errors after closing session and re-logging in.

Mentions Version 97

Many problems with this app on iPhone 7: no possibility to view notifications, no possibility to put Like on posts or comments, no possibility to read incoming messages, no possibility to view Pages posts.

Tks God you made it

Now my life will split to before and after


This app is very frustrating to use! News feed disappeared with the latest version. When you get lot of mentions and press see more to see them, it says error. Whats the point of using Facebook mention then?

Tons of bugs

Always something off with this app. Extremely frustrating.


Its decent. There should be more features for the celebrities though.

Newsfeed disappeared

...with the latest version.

Only Jennifer Lopez can do a review

No reason to download such an app just for celebrities and people who buy FB ads

Good idea

It is a good idea and hopefully it will stop sending notifications from Facebook app whenever someone goes live!


Cause I invited friend to like my page and been disabled , I using my account for years and lost all my friends my business my clients , spending money for Facebook Ads to build clients tail and now all LOST .

Only better for commenting anywhere

Facebook Mentions App is only better for commenting anywhere. There should be a messaging function...


I enjoy this app although needs some editing function for live video amd music

Three apps for one account

I already have Facebook (personal) and Mentions (professional) on my phone. When someone messages me on my professional account you would think Id be able to see and respond using Mentions. Nope. I dont even get notified in Mentions. The personal Facebook app notifies me and tells me I need to download Pages to even see the message. Whats the point?


Mark, why are you doing this please stop.

Mentions Version 89

Possibility to read private incoming messages disappeared! Please, solve it!

Disappointed in recent update

Updated 4/23: the latest update eliminates comments. I cant see any comments. *updated review Feb 24 2017*. Precious disappointments still in place, now my timeline is gone (as a precious reviewer noted). The new "update" seems to have removed the "reach" numbers and inconveniently, removed the "share to Twitter" function. I wish I could revert to the old version.

Great app for those that qualify for it

We miss the inbox feature and post statistics. Glitch on sharing picture posts to twitter. And Instagram sharing, only shares the picture and not the caption. Otherwise, mentions is an app that separates from anything Facebook app. And represents credibility for the public figure.

I hope I can reused this app

Its been one year that I could used this app. I hope I can use it again. @vannahay

There is a problem

I cant download the app

Expand to General Public

Even if broadcasting is limited to verified public figures, the app should allow others to watch broadcasts and be alerted when figures they follow are broadcasting… Live broadcasts are accessible in our Facebook feeds, so why not make them accessible in the Mentions app and spare users from scrolling through other types of content to find them?

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